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We are sure the inspiring, humorous, but very pointed classroom talks by professor David Leis captured in this book which have changed thousands of lives for his students from all over the world will be of help to you.  Whether you are a student or young professional, if you apply the principles outlined inside, you will discover a life for yourself that is richer and more fulfilling than you ever thought possible including:

  • Improved Grades
  • Greater Sense of Fulfillment
  • Enhanced Self Confidence
  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety
  • Healthier Relationships
  • Better Job Skills
  • Faster Promotions at Work
  • More Joy and Happiness
  • Growth in Leadership Traits

This book is an unapologetic attack on mediocrity and accepting average results for yourself, settling for less than achieving your full potential. It is an invitation to make a few small decisions to think differently, change your habits of thought, and change the trajectory and outcome of your life, to make your hopes and dreams come alive with real world tools. Take these small steps now to make strides in realizing your unfulfilled potential.

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