Habits of Thought(H.O.T.) = My Destiny!

You are getting an education because you have some degree of concern about your destiny.   And therefore, you need to train your brain to think in educated ways.  That’s great.  Go for it.  Get as much education as you can.  Work as hard as you can and get the best grades you can. That is important, believe me.

But it is not enough to get you the destiny you are harboring in your dreams.  And it is not enough to fulfill your potential.

Destiny is a result of what we do and how we think.

The interesting thing is, what we do is a result of how we think ……. or not. Got it?

“Hmmmm.  Let me think about that one, Professor.”  Good idea.  Consider the implications of that.  That could take you 10 years or so! Even the rest of your life!

Did you come to college to be a failure in life?  How about to be mediocre or average in life?  Or did you come to college to be a success, to fulfill your dreams, to discover your potential?

BTW, here is the shocker:  Your HABITS of thought become your destiny. Whether those habits of thought are intentionally formed or you just let them happen to you.

Think about that one.  Actually, it could not be otherwise, right?

H.O.T. = My Destiny

Burn that into your brain!

It is not only the information you absorb while you are at college.  It is also the WAY you think, because the WAY you think drives your words and actions which become habits.